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About us<br><br>> We maintain the highest quality standard in the industry for more than 12 years.<br>>The completed management system,strict quality control,Competitive price,and rapid product shipping.<br>>More than 30000 kinds of ICs in-hourse for providing soon.<br>>More than 500000 parts of IC,as microprocessors,transistors, flash memory, semiconductors, diodes, capacitors, resistors available.<br>>Always online to meet your urgent requirements,accelerating your success.<br><br><br><br>Big Seashell (HK) Electronics Corp is a global distributor specialized in all kinds of brand-name electronic components ,also discontinued and hard-to-find components. In the meantime, our memory experts can provide you short or long term price trend and cost down solutions through the real-time market news.<br><br>We maintain the highest quality standard in the industry for more than 12 years.We have a completed system which includes vendor verifying and management, strict quality control and testing procedures, and rapid product shipping around the world.<br><br>Quality Control Teams are well trained to handle high volumes, provide technical support for a wide spectrum of products, and meet customer defined requirements.<br>Quality is our essential promise to our customers,we are not only provide brand-new original factory Sealed parts but also samples、small quantity of parts. The following is our Coanterfeit Detection & Quality control strategy:<br>>Authenticity Verification<br>>Company Internal Verification<br>>External Quality Testing Lab<br>>ISO Quality Management System<br><br>Mainly STOCK of integrated circuits, which widely used in military , industrial, telecommunications, transportation and medical and so on,<br>like microprocessors, acoustic components, transistors, flash memory, semiconductors, diodes, capacitors, resistors…<br><br>We belie
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